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Ofsted, The Muslim Council of Great Britain and The Prime Minister

June 10, 2014

I agree with Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, that a “robust but considered response”, is required following the findings of inspections by Ofsted into 21 Birmingham schools.

However, I feel that the British public should not consider any contribution to this appropriate ‘response’, from Rt. Hon. Mark Harper MP, who until recently was Immigration Minister.

You may recall, that as Immigration Minister Rt. Hon. Mark Harper found himself to be in the unfortunate situation of not verifying the immigration status of his hired help, his cleaner, that vacuumed, mopped and dusted his swanky London pad, all paid for by you and I, the British tax payer. The British public may remember, that his, ‘servant’, did not have the required documentation to wash his soiled one legged cut of jeans, that he had to wear, due —-

—- to a broken foot injury he obtained whilst falling off a table he was dancing on, whilst having a ‘jolly good time’, ‘drunk as a skunk’, in a upmarket Soho Bar.

I understand that the fundamental religious infiltration of schools in Birmingham is a difficult problem that must be dealt with swiftly. The government, quite rightly, wants to address this matter as quickly as possible. We cannot allow our children to be radicalised and damaged psychologically. However, the Prime Minister David Cameron’s, incredibly awful decision to authorise, ‘dawn raids’, his words to the media, quoted in yesterday’s newspapers, is certainly another ill-judged and potentially dangerous decision that could lead to further avoidable loss of life. Does the Prime Minister have an appetite for blood lust?

Prime Minister David Cameron’s incompetence and inability to make balanced and considered decisions, concerns me greatly as he continues to lead Her Majesties Government and the British public into yet again, potentially dangerous avoidable circumstances that all to frequently result in the avoidable loss of human life. His heavy handed approach could be a catalyst for violent protest on the streets of Birmingham that the Police might struggle to cope with, putting Police Officers and members of the Public at serious risk of injury or death – we saw a few years ago how easily and quickly people can take to the streets, loot and commit acts of violence,  with the aid of their Blackberry.

I don’t think anyone wants to see the British Army having to be ordered to bring peace back to our Cities and Towns. Such a course of foreseeable events would certainly fuel the growth of far right extremists in the United Kingdom, that currently at this time have been subdued due to the emergence of the far more respectable Political Party UKIP led by Mr Nigel Farage. If the incredibly important approach to a, ‘robust but considered response’, is not handled with extreme care, the crisis in the 21 Birmingham Schools could provoke young moderate religious people to revolt against heavy handed government action, that may follow, provoked by the Prime Minister’s ‘Dawn raids’. This could then spread to other regions of our country, beyond Birmingham, and encourage wavering extremists to fight with more determination where the British Military are overseas in theatre.

I agree we must not be weak, I want my Prime Minister to reach out with respect to the Muslim Council of Great Britain, and request that they be the leading force in tackling this problem in partnership with Her Majesties Government. The Muslim Council of Great Britain, should be encouraged to partake in a televised Parliamentary Select Committee hearing that would help all people of the United Kingdom to understand and consider, any good ideas that the Muslim Council think will solve the crisis,  that could nip this situation in the bud. At the time of writing this article I believe there is the potential this situation could escalate, and become a nationally destabilising threat.

Before, the Prime Minister wades in again, stupidly, as he recently stupidly waded into the Ocean, whilst on a holiday (Lucky him, I haven’t had a holiday in years), where there were many jellyfish floating close to the shore. Luckily he got stung. He might like getting stung, maybe he likes pain?

I  do not want to suffer even more pain because of my Prime Minister’s inability to help make my life less trouble free. To put it bluntly, David Cameron is not smart enough to be Prime Minister of Great Britain, he is a liability. A very dangerous liability, worse than a mad man with a machine gun.

I truly hope that the good people of Witney Parliamentary Constituency and the electorate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain have the good sense to make sure to exercise with the power of their collective vote that they ensure that the Prime Minister David Cameron and the vast majority of his ‘chums’, in the Commons Chamber are defeated and replaced by other more grounded and intelligent Parliamentarians at the General Election on Thursday, 7 May 2015 in 330 days, 12 hours, 19 minutes and 21 seconds from the time this article has been published.


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